Find out what some of my students are saying about me...

"Arnie is a very professional English teacher. He would make personal plans for you based on what you need, prepare various learning materials as well as give you timely feedback. One thing I like the most about his teaching style is that he not only teaches you grammar and vocabulary but also explains the culture and history related to the language. Once you understand the origin and reason, it's a lot easier to study the language itself. Arnie is also humorous and wise, which makes the class fun and engaging. I enjoy my time in his class and I would definitely recommend Arnie to anyone who has the need to improve their English."

Joy L.

"Arnie is awesome, not only as an English teacher, but also as a good friend. As an experienced instructor for more than 30 years, he can always catch even the slightest mispronunciation I make and correct it right away. He also created a tailored training plan to help me overcome some specific difficulties I had. After one year of training, I am now able to speak English with confidence. I would highly recommend Arnie to you. I guarantee that you will benefit a lot.

Ke Zhang

"Arnie and I have a one-on-one remote class every week. This online class is very flexible and convenient. Arnie corrects my pronunciation, intonation, grammar and helps me to expand my vocabulary. As a result of his teaching, I feel much more confident talking with my colleagues and sharing my thoughts in meeting. Our next goal will be improving my presentation skills"

Fannie Y.