Grammatical Accuracy

Increase your fluency and ability to express yourself by improving your knowledge of verb tenses, articles, prepositions, conditional sentences, as well as adjective, adverb and noun clauses, transitional expressions and other aspects of English grammar.

Vocabulary Development

With more words than most other languages, English requires its speakers to be comfortable using a wide range of words and expressions. I'll help you improve your competence in interpersonal oral/written communication and reading with new vocabulary, including idioms, slang  and phrasal verbs.

Accent Reduction

Enhance your ability to be understood by others by eliminating pronunciation errors and developing more natural, native-like speech patterns. Learn the secrets of American intonation and the "reduced" sounds of colloquial speech such as Whaddyawant? (What do you want?)

Public Speaking + Presentations

Gain confidence making live (and remote) academic/professional presentations and participating in in meetings while improving your use of PowerPoint, GoogleSlides and other presentation tools. Understand the importance of: voice control, body language and other non-verbal communication methods.

Business + Academic Writing

Maximize your ability to communicate with colleagues and express your thoughts and ideas by using culturally appropriate language. Master the ability to produce attractive sentences that allow you to get to the point quickly. Learn how to use both formal/informal language appropriately and avoid bias.

One-On-one & Small-Group Communication

Improve your ability to relate to fellow-employees and academic colleagues by learning the art of "small talk." Refine your listening ability and comfort expressing your opinion in a culturally appropriate manner. Also, learn how to effectively propose ideas/projects and persuade colleagues.